Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Tonya and Norman!!!

So, I didn't quite get enough time to promo tonights show on here, but I feel compelled to give a bunch of thanks to so many good folks for making tonights show @ the Triple Rock so fucking awesome.

First off, for those who didn't know/hear about it, our singers wife, Tonya, and a very close long time friend and staple of the Minneapolis scene, Norman, were celebrating their 45th birthday and asked us Q-Punx to play at the Triple Rock.

And so we did on a bill with Systems Victims, Favela Rising, Still Pissed at Reagan, and In Defense.                                                                                                                
But, if that wasn't cool enough, Skeletonwitch just happened to be in the area and looking for a place to play. So, as it was announced two days ago (unknown to me!) they came on as well.

It was a great fucking night. Great fucking crowd. Minneapolis is still my favorite place to play. Hands down.

So many friends, good people, the kind of people that make you proud of your scene.

Showing up to a venue that still feels like my living room, being greeted by Dave, Zartan, Kermit, and the people who make the 3-Rock what it is. Getting excellent sound from Loopy, libations from Megatron, gear-sharing comradery from In Defense, the list goes on.

So Cheers to Tonya & Norman for a great fucking party!
Cheers to all the bands!
Cheers to Skeletonwitch for surprising the dogshit outta' me!
Cheers to you people, our scene! Who still makes me feel this way, even after 20 years of this shit...