Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Tonya and Norman!!!

So, I didn't quite get enough time to promo tonights show on here, but I feel compelled to give a bunch of thanks to so many good folks for making tonights show @ the Triple Rock so fucking awesome.

First off, for those who didn't know/hear about it, our singers wife, Tonya, and a very close long time friend and staple of the Minneapolis scene, Norman, were celebrating their 45th birthday and asked us Q-Punx to play at the Triple Rock.

And so we did on a bill with Systems Victims, Favela Rising, Still Pissed at Reagan, and In Defense.                                                                                                                
But, if that wasn't cool enough, Skeletonwitch just happened to be in the area and looking for a place to play. So, as it was announced two days ago (unknown to me!) they came on as well.

It was a great fucking night. Great fucking crowd. Minneapolis is still my favorite place to play. Hands down.

So many friends, good people, the kind of people that make you proud of your scene.

Showing up to a venue that still feels like my living room, being greeted by Dave, Zartan, Kermit, and the people who make the 3-Rock what it is. Getting excellent sound from Loopy, libations from Megatron, gear-sharing comradery from In Defense, the list goes on.

So Cheers to Tonya & Norman for a great fucking party!
Cheers to all the bands!
Cheers to Skeletonwitch for surprising the dogshit outta' me!
Cheers to you people, our scene! Who still makes me feel this way, even after 20 years of this shit...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Absolutely A-Fucking-Mazing!

I realize this is a couple of days after the fact, forgive me for not updating enough to remember the passwords, but The West Memphis Three are Free!!!!

I can't believe I'm actually typing those words right now. One year ago, when I released our effort to contribute, I hadn't even begun to wonder what to type when/if that day actually came!

I've been slightly obsessed with this case over the last 10 years and extra whacky about it for the last four, hence I began to develop the tribute C.D./7" ala Rollins/Black  Flag style. (If you don't know what that means, check out the "Rise Above!" disc that Henry Rollins did with a bunch of guests doing B.F. songs)

I have mixed feelings about the terms, as I'm sure most do, but at the end of the day I can see why it happened like it did. My only regret is that until someone does a proper investigation, the killer/s go free as well. And because of the route taken, it's not gonna be on the state's dime....
As far as Arkansas is concerned, case closed.

The job might not be done, the story not quite over, but at least no one else has to die from this big fucking mess.

Not sure where the WM3 or their supporters are gonna go with this, but I'm in.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

D.O.A., Quincy Punx Wednesday, Sept. 14th @ The Triple Rock Social Club

So we kicked off the summer with an opening slot with the Meatmen, and it appears we'll be closing out the year in support of another band that inspired us to begin playing in the first place, D.O.A.

As of this writing I don't have any more details on the entire lineup of the evening, but you can check with the Triple Rock calendar for any additions.

The last time we played with D.O.A., was in Phoenix, Arizona with No Means No and I had my favorite Dwarves t-shirt stolen from the backstage area.

I wonder....

Get to this show! We are old and don't really play anymore! You have been warned!

D.O.A. & Quincy Punx
Wednesday, Sept. 14th
Triple Rock Social Club
8:00 P.M. $12 18+

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June's Bullshit....

So, the "End of Times" came and went, THAT was pretty anticlimactic...
Anyone who would've taken "Splatter Punx" to heart would be more than prepared...

You're welcome.
So I got some video of our set opening for the Meatmen courtesy of Jeff of Mommy Sez No, which, I THINK makes up almost our entire set!

A little bit ago, Friday the 13th to be exact, The Ramones Mania benefit for the American Cancer Society went down at Lee's Liquor Lounge just outside of scenic downtown Minneapolis. All Quincy Punx were present, but Mike, who normally lives behind the drums (well, ever since the rest of the band took the mic away from him anyway) was the only one that found his way to the stage as the guest guitar player for Plate O Shrimp. (who were billed as "Plate O Shrimp and Friends, Mike, being one of the "friends") and played a six song set.

A good time was had by all and it was for a good cause. Major Props to John Ensley. Lee's, Capitol Guitars and everyone who came out! (I am BEYOND positive that it took many others to bring this event about, I just don't know your names!)

Not too much to report on the QP front, mail order is still in the works, merch is being made, ordered, and I'd like to fix up this site to make it easy to order shit....

Meanwhile, Mike is still hard at work finishing up the debut release for his other band
Red Means Fire, and you can check out a song HERE. AND, if yer gonna be around Club Jager this Monday night, June 6th to be exact, he will also be the celebrity guest on the $50 Pyramid. Hosted by Ian, from T.V.'s Drinking With Ian!

I think I smell the faint odor of a show or two this summer.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5/3/11 News

First of all, Cheers and thanks a shitload to everyone who came out to the show at the Triple Rock last Thursday, you guys really made it a hellova show! A big Fuck Yeah to Against The Grain, The Ed Gein Fan Club, The Mighty Meatmen and the Dutch Hercules himself Tesco Vee.
We all had a fucking blast!
Meatmen & Quincy Punx 4/28/11
Secondly, the mailorder is coming soon! We're getting all the stuff Recess Records had left and will be selling off any remaining copies of the "Get The Humans" 7", "Nutso Smasho" L.P./C.D., and "Stuck On Stupid" C.D. We'll also have T-shirts, pins, stickers, and some other crazy shit.

We've got a bunch of V.M.Live 7"'s that were recorded live in Chicago and are the only release with the late Frank Rivera on bass, and the "My America!" C.D. and 4 song  7" is still available. We'll have some of them in stock, but for now you can still order it via Crustacean Records. Look for the link on the right side column of this page for ordering details. 

 I've also got a handfull of 7''s from a couple other bands I've played in since the Q-P's have slowed down.

We are still going to be re-issuing and re-vamping our back catalog, on both vinyl and C.D., and I've got some special ideas for anniversary editions of the (M.E.) 7" and the "We're Not Punx" full length.

Hopefully some of this shit will be available this summer, check back for updates...

Lastly, if you're in the Twin Cities area, come out to Lee's Liqour Lounge on Friday, May 13th for the Ramones Tribute show, a Benefit for the American Cancer Society. Various Quincy Punx will be playing with other bands. Bob and Troy will be playing in Bob Loblaw, and Mike will be playing guitar with Plate-O-Shrimp and Friends. Come out, drink beer and listen to a shit-load of Twin Cities folks play Ramones songs!!! And it's all for a great cause!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Update 3/21/11

Sappenin'? Come on in blooooood!
Just a few odds & ends and nothin' too fancy. We have begun rehearsals for the show at the Tri-Rock on the 28th of April. Really looking forward to that one.

And this will be my first time seeing The Ed Gein Fan Club. Ollie has spent a lot of time  and effort convincing me that this is A) the oldest Punk band from the Twin Cities, B) the group most dedicated to pissing off as many people as possible, and C) as spontaneous as it is sporadic.

Basically Ollie Stenches "Fuck You I'm Punk" band. i think that's how he would describe it. Can't be too far off anyway...

Another longtime buddy of the band sent me a video of the Quincy Punx song his band did for the West Memphis Three compilation. It's actually one of the tracks that didn't get used (a lot of songs were left off for various reasons, sound, deadlines, technical horseshit, but mostly time restraints and the overall possibility of overkill)
The band is Bound By Hell. And consists of a bunch of guys we've known for damn near our entire lives. At least from Jr. High on... they got Mike Frankki from Big Bang Fury guesting on vocals and Ben from Plagued Insanity.

So hears your chance to check out Bound By Hell doing "Beer Brigade"
Cheers guys!

So we're gonna keep pluggin' away, 2 nights a week, until we sound good enough for yall... more to report later.

Oh yeah, We're gonna have some schwag at the show too. So far I've got 2 different pin designs, and I'd like to have at least 4 different kinna shirts...
Some old, some new. Got any suggestions for T-Shirt designs? Send 'em off to us on the facebook. I think there's a discussion board going on 'bout just that topic.
That's it. Gotta go to work in the morn...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Meatmen, Quincy Punx, Against The Grain, Ed Gein Fan Club

 Thursday April 28th The Triple Rock Social Club invites you to a night of MEAT, MAYHEM, and MALICIOUS MISCHIEF starring; The Meatmen, the Quincy Punx, Against The Grain, and The Ed Gein Fan Club!!! Tickets are on sale now via The Triple Rock Social Club, Electric Fetus, Red's Savoy Pizza in Uptown, and are available online.
$10 in advance, $12 at the door the night of the show! It's been quite a while since we've shared a stage with the Mighty Men of Meat, and with Against The Grain and one of the Twin Cities oldest, yet most unstable entities, The Ed Gein Fan Club, this should prove to be a night not to be missed!
Doors are at 8:00 P.M. and this show is 18+
See you there, WEENBAGS!!!