Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bandcamp is in effect!!!

In case you haven't noticed, we've finally gotten around to putting up A band camp page.

you can download and stream;
  •  "We're not Punx...'' 1993
  • "Nutso Smasho" 1998
  • "Stuck on Stupid" 1996
  • Split with Blanks 77 ("Dumpster Diving b/w Ashtray")'95
  • Split with Rejects ("My America b/w Insanity") '96
  • "Sick Pleasure'' from "No Slow ..All Go!'' comp.
  • "Fuck Art Let's Kill " and "Peace Off" from the "Pigs Suck" comp '94
  • PLUS an EXCLUSIVE TO BANDCAMP release "Odds & Ends" featuring songs from our first two 7"'s 4 tunes from the ("ME") 7" & 3 songs from "Get the Humans")7", "RoadKill" from "Play at Your Own Risk" Recess comp , "Date Rape" from "Stealing the Pocket" comp, 'White Minority" (Black Flag) previously unreleased, "Beer is God" from "One Beer Short of a 6 pack" 7"comp. & "Get Lost" (Vindictives) from the "My America tribute to Quincy Punx to benefit the WM3" CD !!!
                                        Dig it! go to: https://quincypunx.bandcamp.com/

Saturday, December 15, 2018

The "(ME)" 7" release show. Our Third SHOW EVER!!! October 1992!!!


This is the Quincy Punx third SHOW EVER!
The release show for our first 7" "(ME)" a.k.a.
"Darby was a Martyr"
Don't complain if it sucks, NO REFUNDS!!!(HA!)
Recorded at the 7th Street Entry on October 15th, 1992
Video by Dave Hagle

* This is the flyer for our first two shows. This show was a few months later.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Recently discovered box of out of print 7''s !!!

We've recently come across a box of out of print 7"s!!!

V.M.Live 7" from 1996. 
the V.M.L. (Vindictive Music Limited) label put this out in 1996. A live recording of the Quincy Punx at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago. 
part of the V.M.Live series. This record is the only release with Frank Rivera on bass (R.I.P.).
you can have one for:

Available HERE

FREE PIN WITH PURCHASE! (while we've got 'em..)

'ello there..

So, this page hasn't been updated since 2011, AIN'T THAT A SHAME! Well, I expect to get back on that horse and ride, as we will be having some new shit cumming soon. (NO, I don't mean new tunes!) but we here at the respective Quincy Punx ranches, will in the near future be re-issuing hopefully our entire catalog!!!!

So check back, shit's in the works now.

OH and don't bother asking if we'd like to play any shows, I'm sure a couple of us wouldn't mind, but the other portion of this band do not want it! WE ARE FINISHED WITH PLAYING SHOWS.

That's all for now..