Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From the archives: Quincy Punx on "Drinking With Ian"

In case you haven't noticed, this here "Official Webpage" is actually a blog just dressed up as a webpage. And until I learn how to make a better one, this is it. But the cool part of this one is if you so wish, you can subscribe to it.
That being said, as we go, I'll be adding all kinda nifty shits we've been a part of as I find them and attempt to organize them in what will henceforth be known as "The Archives".

So here for your amusement, is an episode of "Drinking With Ian". A local public access show here in Minneapolis that's sure to take over prime time on a global scale once the revolution is underway.

This particular episode features musical guests The Quincy Punx, and was filmed in the 7th Street Entry while I was working, so I had to have someone cover my bar while I ran up on stage to play a couple of songs.

You'll also notice Troy is wearing a suit and tie in this performance. See, he too had to take a break from his job, run over to the club, and play real quick. It's a good look for him don't ya think?

Tune in to "Drinking With Ian" every Thursday night on MCN 6 @ 12:30 a.m. in Minneapolis but you knew that didn't you? If you're actually from here, and never have heard of this show....well, just fuck off. Really, get off my page... loser.

However, for those of you NOT from here, I highly recommend you check out the show. In fact, you can order Season One right HERE.
You can also check out D.W.I. on myspace.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Quincy Punx and the MEATMEN together again!!!

As if some unfathomable time warp has occurred, The Quincy Punx will be sharing the stage with the All Mighty MEATMEN, at the Triple Rock Social Club on Thursday, April 28th.

So, just in case you missed the Q-Punx with the "Dutch Hercules" and Co. way back in 1994 at the Mirage Nightclub, here's your SECOND CHANCE!

Word from the Big T.V. himself, is that the legendary Masters of Meat are working up a classic set of tunes including most of, if not all of the "Blood Sausage" e.p. and a bunch of other '80's stud-power-cock classics...

This promises to be a night of MEAT, MAYHEM, and MALICIOUS MISCHIEF!!!
Not soon to be forgotten...


Saturday, January 8, 2011

"When We Play For Real" playing on MTN 4 times this month!

Back in the late '90's, our friend Patti Rhodes made a really cool documentary about punk bands around the Twin Cities. The movie shows footage of Misery, Quincy Punx, Dillinger Four, The Murderers, and others and was never widely released outside of a few one-off screenings. MTN, cable access here in Minneapolis is showing the flick 4 times this month. There's a write up in City Pages about it right HERE.
Check your local listings for times and hear Tim of the Blanks 77 tell the story about how Bob drank what he thought, was Fosters, but was really something else left behind by Mike Blank!

 The next 2 showings are Sat. the 15th at noon, and Wed. the 29th at 3:30 on MTN Channel 17.

Quincy Punx Tribute C.D. Available Now...

A 28 song Quincy Punx Tribute C.D. is available now from Crustacean Records. The C.D. features 27 bands, mostly from the Twin Cities area, plus a few friends from abroad, covering Q.P. songs. Featuring; Misery, Off With Their Heads, In Defense, Building Better Bombs, 20 Dollar Love, P.O.S., Virgin Whores, Total Fucking Blood, and a shit-load more, plus a previously un-available track from the Quincy Punx, a cover of the Vindictives "Get Lost".
A 4 song 7" counterpart is also available with P.O.S., 20 Dollar Love, Off With Their Heads, and a track by Torch The Spires not available on the C.D.
All proceeds from the sale of these releases go to the West Memphis Three Defense Fund. You can order both of them together as a package deal with a promo poster from Crustacean Records right HERE.
You can read a review from Alternative Press right HERE
and there is a facebook page with photos/video from the release show, a complete band/song listing, recent news on the case, and a bunch of other stuff HERE
And for developments and up to date info about The West Memphis Three, please visit www.wm3.org

Friday, January 7, 2011

This space under construction...

Welcome Freaks, punks, drunks, and all out whack jobs... to the first attempt of a "Band Run" or "Official" Quincy Punx webpage.

This is an entirely "in the works" piece of shit right now, but will hopefully before long be something worth wasting your precious time at work on.

We plan on keeping you up to date with what looks to be a busier schedule than recent years, with the introduction of our direct mail-order merch. catalog, show schedules, vinyl re-issues, and even some new recordings are being discussed at this very moment.
Quincy Punx - 2010
So far you can check out a complete discography, bio, and a few video clip's. But soon we'll be adding a merchandise section, some pictures of our ugly selves and wacky shit we do, lyrics, audio downloads, and maybe even a really bad advice column. Who can tell?

Like I said, "in the works". For now, you can visit our facebook page, or look at a "not-very-updated myspace page". (my computer doesn't like that site, but I'll fix it, soon I hope...)

Alright, that's the end of this test post, I still gotta go to work.

P.S. just 'cause I think it's funny, here's an old picture of Bob before he got fat.

...told you it was funny...  heh.