Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quincy Punx Tribute C.D. Available Now...

A 28 song Quincy Punx Tribute C.D. is available now from Crustacean Records. The C.D. features 27 bands, mostly from the Twin Cities area, plus a few friends from abroad, covering Q.P. songs. Featuring; Misery, Off With Their Heads, In Defense, Building Better Bombs, 20 Dollar Love, P.O.S., Virgin Whores, Total Fucking Blood, and a shit-load more, plus a previously un-available track from the Quincy Punx, a cover of the Vindictives "Get Lost".
A 4 song 7" counterpart is also available with P.O.S., 20 Dollar Love, Off With Their Heads, and a track by Torch The Spires not available on the C.D.
All proceeds from the sale of these releases go to the West Memphis Three Defense Fund. You can order both of them together as a package deal with a promo poster from Crustacean Records right HERE.
You can read a review from Alternative Press right HERE
and there is a facebook page with photos/video from the release show, a complete band/song listing, recent news on the case, and a bunch of other stuff HERE
And for developments and up to date info about The West Memphis Three, please visit