Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From the archives: Quincy Punx on "Drinking With Ian"

In case you haven't noticed, this here "Official Webpage" is actually a blog just dressed up as a webpage. And until I learn how to make a better one, this is it. But the cool part of this one is if you so wish, you can subscribe to it.
That being said, as we go, I'll be adding all kinda nifty shits we've been a part of as I find them and attempt to organize them in what will henceforth be known as "The Archives".

So here for your amusement, is an episode of "Drinking With Ian". A local public access show here in Minneapolis that's sure to take over prime time on a global scale once the revolution is underway.

This particular episode features musical guests The Quincy Punx, and was filmed in the 7th Street Entry while I was working, so I had to have someone cover my bar while I ran up on stage to play a couple of songs.

You'll also notice Troy is wearing a suit and tie in this performance. See, he too had to take a break from his job, run over to the club, and play real quick. It's a good look for him don't ya think?

Tune in to "Drinking With Ian" every Thursday night on MCN 6 @ 12:30 a.m. in Minneapolis but you knew that didn't you? If you're actually from here, and never have heard of this show....well, just fuck off. Really, get off my page... loser.

However, for those of you NOT from here, I highly recommend you check out the show. In fact, you can order Season One right HERE.
You can also check out D.W.I. on myspace.