Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Means Fire show March 5th

Saturday March 5th, Mike's other band Red Means Fire is playing at Club Underground in scenic North-East Minneapolis.
Click HERE to rsvp, or find out any details you want.
We've got big plans for this summer, this should qualify as a send off of sorts. Something to compare us to by the end of the season.
Again, new members may be present, or not.
Just sayin'.
Dead Bundy starts it, Mommy Sez No (another project Mike was in on: (he plays drums on their s/t C.D.) rounds out the night...

More info on the April 28th Quincy Punx show at the Triple Rock as I get them. As of this writing, I've heard the Ed Gein Fan Club is tying to be added to the show. Sounds like a good time.