Saturday, January 8, 2011

"When We Play For Real" playing on MTN 4 times this month!

Back in the late '90's, our friend Patti Rhodes made a really cool documentary about punk bands around the Twin Cities. The movie shows footage of Misery, Quincy Punx, Dillinger Four, The Murderers, and others and was never widely released outside of a few one-off screenings. MTN, cable access here in Minneapolis is showing the flick 4 times this month. There's a write up in City Pages about it right HERE.
Check your local listings for times and hear Tim of the Blanks 77 tell the story about how Bob drank what he thought, was Fosters, but was really something else left behind by Mike Blank!

 The next 2 showings are Sat. the 15th at noon, and Wed. the 29th at 3:30 on MTN Channel 17.