Friday, January 7, 2011

This space under construction...

Welcome Freaks, punks, drunks, and all out whack jobs... to the first attempt of a "Band Run" or "Official" Quincy Punx webpage.

This is an entirely "in the works" piece of shit right now, but will hopefully before long be something worth wasting your precious time at work on.

We plan on keeping you up to date with what looks to be a busier schedule than recent years, with the introduction of our direct mail-order merch. catalog, show schedules, vinyl re-issues, and even some new recordings are being discussed at this very moment.
Quincy Punx - 2010
So far you can check out a complete discography, bio, and a few video clip's. But soon we'll be adding a merchandise section, some pictures of our ugly selves and wacky shit we do, lyrics, audio downloads, and maybe even a really bad advice column. Who can tell?

Like I said, "in the works". For now, you can visit our facebook page, or look at a "not-very-updated myspace page". (my computer doesn't like that site, but I'll fix it, soon I hope...)

Alright, that's the end of this test post, I still gotta go to work.

P.S. just 'cause I think it's funny, here's an old picture of Bob before he got fat.

...told you it was funny...  heh.