Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bandcamp is in effect!!!

In case you haven't noticed, we've finally gotten around to putting up A band camp page.

you can download and stream;
  •  "We're not Punx...'' 1993
  • "Nutso Smasho" 1998
  • "Stuck on Stupid" 1996
  • Split with Blanks 77 ("Dumpster Diving b/w Ashtray")'95
  • Split with Rejects ("My America b/w Insanity") '96
  • "Sick Pleasure'' from "No Slow ..All Go!'' comp.
  • "Fuck Art Let's Kill " and "Peace Off" from the "Pigs Suck" comp '94
  • PLUS an EXCLUSIVE TO BANDCAMP release "Odds & Ends" featuring songs from our first two 7"'s 4 tunes from the ("ME") 7" & 3 songs from "Get the Humans")7", "RoadKill" from "Play at Your Own Risk" Recess comp , "Date Rape" from "Stealing the Pocket" comp, 'White Minority" (Black Flag) previously unreleased, "Beer is God" from "One Beer Short of a 6 pack" 7"comp. & "Get Lost" (Vindictives) from the "My America tribute to Quincy Punx to benefit the WM3" CD !!!
                                        Dig it! go to: https://quincypunx.bandcamp.com/