Monday, March 21, 2011

Update 3/21/11

Sappenin'? Come on in blooooood!
Just a few odds & ends and nothin' too fancy. We have begun rehearsals for the show at the Tri-Rock on the 28th of April. Really looking forward to that one.

And this will be my first time seeing The Ed Gein Fan Club. Ollie has spent a lot of time  and effort convincing me that this is A) the oldest Punk band from the Twin Cities, B) the group most dedicated to pissing off as many people as possible, and C) as spontaneous as it is sporadic.

Basically Ollie Stenches "Fuck You I'm Punk" band. i think that's how he would describe it. Can't be too far off anyway...

Another longtime buddy of the band sent me a video of the Quincy Punx song his band did for the West Memphis Three compilation. It's actually one of the tracks that didn't get used (a lot of songs were left off for various reasons, sound, deadlines, technical horseshit, but mostly time restraints and the overall possibility of overkill)
The band is Bound By Hell. And consists of a bunch of guys we've known for damn near our entire lives. At least from Jr. High on... they got Mike Frankki from Big Bang Fury guesting on vocals and Ben from Plagued Insanity.

So hears your chance to check out Bound By Hell doing "Beer Brigade"
Cheers guys!

So we're gonna keep pluggin' away, 2 nights a week, until we sound good enough for yall... more to report later.

Oh yeah, We're gonna have some schwag at the show too. So far I've got 2 different pin designs, and I'd like to have at least 4 different kinna shirts...
Some old, some new. Got any suggestions for T-Shirt designs? Send 'em off to us on the facebook. I think there's a discussion board going on 'bout just that topic.
That's it. Gotta go to work in the morn...